How to make your iPhone battery last longer

Every time a new iOS update is released, many users inevitably experience rapid depletion of battery life. The latest iOS 16 is not immune to this issue, which is largely due to background processes like syncing and indexing that are beyond user control. While some of the reasons for rapid battery life depletion can be found in various articles, the problem sometimes persists longer than expected.

In situations where extending battery life is crucial, such as when traveling, it’s important to know how to optimize your iPhone’s settings. MacRumors has some tips to help extend battery life in iOS 16 without disabling most of its major features. Remember, finding the right balance between turning certain features off and on is key to ensuring longer battery life.Tips and Tricks to Extend apple smartphone batteryLife

1. Disabling keyboard tactile feedback can extend iPhone battery life

Turning off the keyboard’s tactile feedback can save some battery life. Because it eliminates the need for your device to provide vibration or tactile feedback while typingApple’s recently released iOS 16 update has a new feature. This is tactile feedback when using the on-screen keyboard. However, this feature consumes a lot of battery power. Apple provided a support document indicating that keyboard touch may affect battery life.

Note that this feature is not enabled by default. If you have it turned on and want to disable it, follow the steps below. First, open the Settings app on your device. Then, click on the Sound & Touch option. After that, click on Keyboard Feedback. Finally, you can disable the haptic feedback option to save Apple’s battery life.

2. Turn off live activity to give your iPhone battery life longer

Disabling real-time activities, such as live wallpapers and other dynamic content, can reduce battery stress.

iOS 16 battery

Apple’s iOS 16.1 update introduces a new feature called Live Activities. The feature enables apps to receive continuous and updated notifications on iPhone 14 Pro’s Lock screen or dynamic island. However, you can disable this feature if you’re concerned about extending battery life.

To disable live activity, you need to follow a few simple steps. First, open the Settings app on your iPhone. Then, navigate to the Face ID & Passcode section and enter your passcode to unlock your device. Once you have done this, scroll down until you see the Live Activity option and toggle it off.

If you want to disable live activity for a specific app, you can do so by going to each app’s settings and turning off the feature individually. It’s worth noting that while live activity can be disabled, you can’t disable dynamic islands entirely. However, you can swipe left on any running animation to turn it off and further save battery life.

3. Delete lock screen widgets

Removing widgets from the lock screen can help save battery life by reducing the number of processes running in the background.Widgets are a useful feature on iOS devices that allow users to quickly access information and perform tasks without opening an app. These widgets can be added to the lock screen and home screen for easy access. However, it’s worth noting that widgets drain battery power. Especially if they are constantly updating in the background.If you find yourself needing to save battery life, it might be a good idea to create a lock screen that doesn’t contain any widgets.

This can be done easily on iOS 16, as the update now supports multiple lock screens that can be easily switched. This way, you can have a lock screen with widgets when you need them, and a more battery-efficient lock screen when you don’t.

Also note that widgets may appear on the home screen. This is a feature that existed before iOS 16. However, using widgets on the home screen can also drain your battery. Therefore, if you want to save battery life, we recommend not using widgets on your home screen.4. Turning off “Always-On Display” can make your iPhone battery last longerWhile the always-on display feature is convenient, it also drains battery life. Turning it off helps save energy.The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have a new feature called Always On Display. This feature is designed to keep the screen on, even when the device is turned off.

This means users can still see their wallpapers, widgets, and live activity on the lock screen without having to unlock the device.5. Do not use ICLOUD to share photo librariesSharing your photo library using iCloud may cause your devices to constantly sync, causing your battery to drain quickly. If possible, avoid using this feature.

iCloud Shared Photo Library is a feature in iOS 16.1 that allows users to share photosir photo gallery for up to five other people. This means that all members of a shared library can upload, edit, and delete photos stored in the library. But it’s important to note that using this feature may cause other members’ photos to sync to your iPhone at inappropriate times, draining your iPhone’s battery life.

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