How to see battery charge percent on your iPhone

To make room for the Face ID notch, Apple removed the old battery percentage number from the iPhone home screen .

 But there are still ways to get this useful information when you need it.
The battery icon in the upper right corner of your iPhone screen can be very useful in a pinch. For example, it will tell you whether your phone is fully charged, so you can rest assured. Or in a more common case, it will show you that the iphone battery is about to run out. It’s just that between those two extremes, it’s not that useful – it’s not nearly as helpful as a charge percentage number. 
Of course, you can’t tell from the icon whether the battery is dropping unusually quickly. Instead, it’s important to be able to see that you’ve improved from 100% to 95% the moment you walk out the door.

When we got the Face ID notch on the iPhone X, we lost   

Apple battery percentage and all status icons were pushed to the left or right. You’ll notice that the iPad and iPad Pro retain the percentage numbers, but that’s because they don’t lose devices like the iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max About half of the top area. Rumors suggest we’ll see a smaller notch in 2020’s “iPhone 12 ,” which could lead Apple to give us that percentage number again .

For now, though, it’s hard to argue that Apple was wrong to ditch that percentage given the smaller space available, since it does retain the battery icon, as well as Wi-Fi and cellular data. We won’t swap the last two, but it would be better to replace the battery icon with a percentage.

However, you can still find out the exact percentage of charges if needed. There are several ways to do this, and if none are more convenient than simply glancing at the top of your iPhone screen, then one of these methods will work for you.
Use control centerDepending on what you’re currently doing with your phone, in most cases the fastest way to check your battery level is through Control Center.

Battery charge percentage is always located in the upper right corner of Control Center
Swipe down from the top right corner to launch Control CenterRead the battery percentage in the upper right cornerThat’s it. No matter what app you are using, or even if you are not in the app, you can call up Control Center and read the percentage instantly.
Use notification centerSetup is required the first time you do this, but thereafter the battery level will be listed in your iPhone’s Notification Center. If you use this feature frequently, it might even be faster than going through Control Center.

Plus, it might also be more convenient, since the Notification Center version not only shows the battery level in your iPhone, but also lists your Apple Watch. It will also show your AirPods’ charge level if they’re connected and removed from the charging case or the lid of the charging case is open.
To set it up for the first time, do the following, starting on your iPhone’s first Home screen or Lock screen.
Swipe left to enter the notification centerScroll all the way down to the bottom and click “Edit”Scroll down to the “More widgets” sectionFind the battery and click the green plus sign next to itThis will move the battery to the top area, which is the list of widgets shown in Notification Center. This is also a list showing the order in which they appear. So if you want to see the battery level at the top, do that.

Click on the handle to the right of the battery (three horizontal bars)Drag up to rearrangerelease when it’s in placeFinally, click “Done” to finish editing the widget.

Now that you’re set up to use Notification Center to show all your battery percentages, feel free to do the following when you want to know exactly how much power you have left.
Swipe left from the lock screen or first home screenRead cost percentageSwipe right to close notification centerTell you with SiriYou can also ask Siri at any time.
There are different ways to say it, but “Hey, Siri, how much battery do I have left?” always works.

You can also ask Siri on your iPhone to tell you how much battery is left in your Apple Watch. However, you can’t ask Siri on the Watch to tell you how muchApple replacement smartphone batteryis left on your Apple Watch.
Quick view while chargingIf you have a Qi wireless charger nearby, place your iPhone on it. Your iPhone’s lock screen displays the current battery percentage.
If you just plug your iPhone into the charger, it will do the same thing, but in both cases it will only briefly display the percentage.
Your iPhone briefly displays battery percentage when you put it on charge (left) or take it off again (right)

If you don’t notice in time, though, you can remove your iPhone from the charger, which will briefly display the battery percentage again.
There is another wayFor absolute completeness, we also tell you that you can create your own shortcut to display The same goes for fee percentages.
This is a particularly simple shortcut to create and display the percentage as a regular notification. This can be convenient as the notification can remain on your screen until you choose to dismiss it.
Plus, you can do more with the content you find using shortcuts. By default, your iPhone prompts you to enter low-power mode when it reaches 20%, but maybe you know that won’t get you through the rest of your day. You can create a shortcut that, whenever you run it, checks the battery and gives you the same low-power mode if it’s below 50%. In this case, you must actively choose to perform certain actions in order to find out your battery percentage .

This will never be as convenient as browsing, but it seems unlikely that Apple will bring back this option anytime soon.

However, there is one thing. When Apple does offer the option to display battery percentage, it’s easy to get anxious about it. You can keep picking up the phone to check the battery level, but of course, this action will cause the battery level to drop. So even though you can now use all these different methods to find out your Apple battery percentage, maybe you should avoid doing it too often.

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