iPhone X Battery Capacity, RAM, Chip Speed Revealed in China

Apple is claiming the iPhone X signals the future of iPhone , but what that actually means is hard to tell until we actually get our hands on the phone on November 3. Although managing to secure one on launch day could prove extremely difficult if rumors about manufacturing delays are to be believed.

As is becoming increasingly common, details are leaking about exactly what components Apple decided to include inside its latest handset. The size of the   iPhone X battery , the amount of RAM, and the speed of the A11 Bionic chip inside the iPhone X ($999.00 at Verizon ) remains unconfirmed, but a filing by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center (TENAA) just revealed them.

As reported by MacRumors, the iPhone X is expected to ship with an A11 chip running at 2.4GHz complemented by 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM. The Apple 

Smartphone battery  managed to squeeze behind that 5.8-inch OLED screen has a capacity of 2,715mAh.

If that all sounds quite familiar, it’s because the spec is almost a match for the iPhone 8 Plus ($699.99 at T-Mobile) . The one key difference being the 8 Plus battery is slightly smaller at 2,675mAh. Even though OLED is meant to use less energy than LCD, it makes sense for the iPhone X battery to be larger. For one, the display is larger (5.8-inches compared to 5.5-inches), and there will be more demand on it due to the use of Face ID.

Apple iPhone XAppleCare+ Costs $199 for iPhone XApple rates the iPhone 8 Plus as offering up to 21 hours of talk time, 13 hours of Internet use, 14 hours of video playback, or 60 hours of audio. For iPhone X, Apple lowers those times by an hour for Internet use and video playback. With the larger screen and similar Apple iPhone X battery size, you can understand why.

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