iPhone tips that’ll keep your battery running longer

If you’re tired of the battery running out on your iPhone after what seems like a short period of time, we have some tips to keep your iPhone running longer.The tips are straight from Apple, too, which means they’re optimized specifically for iPhones.

We’ll even debunk some old rumors (like: is it OK to let my battery drain faster?).Here’s how to keep your iPhone working longer on a single charge.Update your iPhoneApple recommends keeping your iPhone on the latest software at all times. While it’s true some of the company’s software releases have actually been bad for Apple Smartphone battery life, Apple typically works to improve performance in each release.Dim your screenTodd Haselton | CNBCYou don’t need your screen blasting at full brightness.

You can adjust it easily by opening control center (swipe down on the iPhone X or up on any other iPhone) and changing the brightness level. Apple also recommends using the auto-brightness feature , which dims the screen indoors and brightens it outdoors.Use Wi-FiUse Wi-Fi when you canUse Wi-Fi when you canTodd Haselton | CNBCWhen your phone is connected to a cellular network, it’s constantly trying to ping cell towers and using up as much power as it can to get you a good data connection.

If Wi-Fi is available, you’re better off using it since it doesn’t require your phone’s modems to work as hard.Turn off background activityTurn off background appsTodd Haselton | CNBCBackground Activity allows apps to pull in data even when they’re not being used. This doesn’t mean you need to close apps (Apple has debunked that theory), but it does mean you can force your phone to stop pinging the email server , for example. Here’s how:Go to SettingsTap GeneralTap Background App Refresh and toggle it to off.

Try low power modeUse low power modeUse low power modeTodd Haselton | CNBCIf you really want to get the most out of your Apple battery, use low power mode. Some folks turn this on when their iPhone is about to die, but you can lengthen the life even if you turn it on at 100 percent. “Low Power Mode reduces display brightness, optimizes device performance, and minimizes system animations,” Apple explains.

Here’s how:Go to SettingsTap BatteryToggle Low Power ModeYou’ll know it’s on when your battery icon turns yellow.Finally, don’t worry about letting your iPhone dieWhile there are rumors that letting your battery die all the way can be good — or bad — for your iPhone, there’s no truth to them. Apple says it doesn’t matter when you charge your iPhone, whether it has 50 percent of the battery left at night when you go to bed or nothing in the tank.Apple explains on its website that itsApple lithium-ion batteries work in cycles, no matter when you start to charge it.

“You complete one charge cycle when you’ve used (discharged) an amount that equals 100% of your battery’s capacity — but not necessarily all from one charge. For instance, you might use 75% of your battery’s capacity one day, then recharge it fully overnight. If you use 25% the next day, you will have discharged a total of 100%, and the two days will add up to one charge cycle.”Apple also stated that itsThe battery should be able to maintain “at least 80%” of its original charge capacity, allowing for what it calls “a large number of charge cycles” forApple’s batteries.

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