What to do when you need to replace the Anker Eufy battery

If you think your Vacuum Cleaner Battery Eufy battery needs to be replaced, please contact customer support.

In this article, we will cover one of the things you can do when the Anker Robot Vacuum Series Eufy battery is low and won’t charge, like “I need to replace the battery” or “I need to buy” a new battery 1 “all in all,”

If it’s still under Anker’s warranty (in fact, it’s up to 24 months!), contact customer support. They may be able to arrange a replacement for you!

In our exampleAt home, we use the Eufy M26-4S1P-1 Batter robot vacuum cleaner. I’ve been using it for over a year and I recommend it because it’s really convenient and makes housework easier. The following article also summarizes this information.Eufy Robot Vacuum Cleaner “Eufy M26-4S1P-1 Batteryusage reviews, impressions and word-of-mouth Good

Have you finally run out of it recently?
Charging will not stop no matter how long it takes
This is what happened.

Maybe I was working too many times a day and the battery seemed to be drained. Anyway, I couldn’t move all day due to the low battery (flashing red-purple).
I thought I’d ditch this and buy a new one, but then I realized it was still under Anker’s warranty (24 months), so I decided to contact them.

Follow the steps in the photo to send an inquiry using the Eufy app. The message I sent was this: “I can no longer charge the eufy battery so can I replace it?” I received a reply the next day.
In short,

I was told they could send me a replacement for the entire unit! It seems that not just the battery can be replaced, but the entire battery must be replaced.
It was a happy miscalculation.

Replacement items arrived within days and they cleaned vigorously every day. BTW, the replacement item was shipped from an Amazon warehouse, so I assume it’s probably new. At least like new!
(BTW, I’m sending back the one I’ve been using, but I still feel a little sad. Thank you for everything.)

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