What’s the best tablet for kids? Compare 2024

The best tablets aren’t just for adults, there are tons of references for kids ages 3 to 12 and up. 

An electronic toy for educational use or a real tablet for older kids, we’ve selected a few models that stand out to help you choose a tablet for your kids. These tablets are typically designed for children ages 3 to 12, but it’s important to remember to consider and limit children’s screen time. For older kids, we chose the classic model, which makes it easy to set up parental controls.

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite: A friendly tablet for gaming and Netflix

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite
For ages 12 and up, the “Classic” tablet can be purchased, provided you protect it properly and place the tablet under parental controls. Regarding the last point, there are many apps for setting parental controls, but on Android the ideal option is still to use Google’s Family Link and Kids Space to monitor internet usage and apps on the one hand and find content dedicated to children on the other . Samsung also offers Kids Mode with a fun interface and well-designed parental controls.

The Galaxy Tab A7 Lite’s strength is its price. In fact, some children’s tablets sell for more, even with smaller screens but lower clarity and battery life. Obviously, this tablet doesn’t include tools specifically designed for kids, so you’ll have to spend time configuring it with your app of choice while keeping an eye on your child’s activity.
With an 8.7-inch screen and good battery life, it’s an ideal tablet for multimedia use, launching some games and apps like Netflix, and installing educational apps. A good alternative to cheaper Android tablets like the Amazon Fire HD 8 .

offer everything you would expect in terms of limitations, with internet access completely under control. The Kid Connect function is a welcome little extra since it allows the child to send written or voice messages, or even drawings to the smartphone of their parents or other approved people via parental controls

.2. HUAWEI MatePad T 10: a large and accessible tabletHUAWEI MatePad T10The Huawei MatePad T 10 tablet is another example of what can be accessible and sufficiently efficient for a teenager, while taking advantage of Huawei’s solutions to control and offer content according to age.Comfortable for multimedia use thanks to its 9.7-inch screen, this tablet also offers image quality superior to many others for taking photos and videos. Please note that the EMUI 10.1 software interface is well built around Android and proves effective on a daily basis.Huawei has also developed its own ecosystem for children. It is possible to create several accounts for young people, with content filters, time limits, and even protection for payment methods. For the little ones, Huawei offers its Kids Corner application, with numerous edutainment applications and an interface dedicated to adults to set up parental controls.

3. Apple iPad 2021: one of the best 10-inch tabletsWe have to be honest, after a few days of use, this new generation of iPad will not have succeeded in arousing our interest. For this (already) ninth generation of tablet, Apple is content with a technical update that could be considered lazy.

A more powerful processor, but not much more than the previous generation, a front camera finally usable in 2021 and the deal is in the bag.To be fair to this product, we must still recognize that technology-loving journalists (which we are) are not the brand’s target. Apple is aimed at the general public, and more specifically at those, happy owners of an aging iPad, who wish to renew their device without losing their habits or depleting their bank account.For €389, the iPad remains a great deal, with a solid technical sheet, a proven design, some four to five years of guaranteed use and as many iPadOS updates. This new tablet does not seek to reinvent the wheel but to please as many people as possible. Deal.

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