Lenovo Tab Extreme review: a high-end tablet, ideal for work and leisure?

Lenovo has launched its new high-end Tab Extreme touchscreen tablet that runs Android. Does the XXL format coupled with high performance justify the device’s high price? Lenovo is one of the most active manufacturers in the touch tablet market. The new tablet aims to carve out a niche in this market with a plethora of products to suit every budget. Lenovo has packed this model with attractive features that put it in direct competition with Apple’s iPad Pro range and Samsung’s high-end models.
Would the Lenovo Tab Extreme be the compromise ideal between a device for watching streaming content or playing casual games and a machine dedicated to work?

If the vast majority of touchscreen tablets on the market have fairly similar designs, Lenovo’s new offering is no exception. Aside from its looks, the size of this tablet is also impressive. The manufacturer wants to be more generous here, as the device measures 32.78 cm x 21.08 cm x 0.585 cm. However, this choice of XXL format inevitably affects the weight of an object that still weighs 740 grams. Please note that we will add to this cost the Folio case delivered with the tablet, which adds 280 grams to the product. In comparison, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, although not as imposing, weighs 682 grams (without protective case). Such dimensions mean the Tab Extreme can be operated primarily in horizontal mode. The weight associated with the screen size makes it difficult to hold the tablet vertically over time.
Lenovo seems to have designed its device this way, as the front-facing photo module is placed on the side edge of the tablet. There’s also a drawer on one edge to accommodate a microSD card for storage expansion and a SIM card, at least for the 5G-compatible model.
Screen: Very nice multimedia OLED panelThis Lenovo tablet impresses with its 14.5-inch size and successful color reproduction, thanks to a beautiful 3K resolution (3,000 x 1,876 pixels). Perfect for streaming, we particularly appreciated the fluidity this panel offers thanks to its 120 Hz refresh rate. Manufacturer’s trademark brightness is 600 nits. In practice, we were able to watch streaming content in direct sunlight without encountering any brightness issues.
The tablet comes with one of the brand’s stylus called the Precision Pen 3. The stylus cleverly has its own wireless charging area, magnetized to the back of the tablet. By placing it exactly in that location and activating Bluetooth in Android settings, an association is automatically established between the Lenovo Tab and the stylus. If the allows you to enter text with handwriting input and draw in the latter any allowed application, it also offers remote control of certain parameters thanks to its single physical button. Still on the subject, we notice a section dedicated to the stylus, added by Lenovo in its Android overlay, visible when the stylus is attached to and detached from its magnetic storage location.
To take advantage of such a beautiful screen, Lenovo also added a USB-C input port to its Tab Extreme. This allows you to connect your computer to use the tablet as an external screen. In this mode, if Android-related notifications and features are disabled, the Precision Pen 3 remains active and acts as a touch input device. Therefore, we can imagine many uses in combination with professional software. Audio: Eight powerful speakers from JBL

Behind the XXL screen, there’s too much audio power. No less than 8 speakers are arranged around the edge of the 

tablet battery . Thanks to the integration of Dolby Atmos, audio systems can deliver spatialized sound as long as they are compatible with the software. However, let’s be clear on this topic: if the spatiality of the sound is currently on the rise, it is still difficult to discern it with the ear on speakers of this type. The latter can’t compare to a real, high-quality home theater sound system (soundbar or floor-standing speakers), headphones, or good headphones.
In addition to Dolby Atmos, we are forced to realize that the massive implementation of these JBL speakers offers a wonderful sound projection. As one might imagine given these size reductions, the bass is far from over-proportioned. On the other hand, even when increasing the volume to 100%, the sound is not saturated and remains fairly balanced. Overall, this tablet delivers powerful sound with convincing audio quality without distortion. If the manufacturer seems to be following through on eliminating the 3.5mm jack audio-out port, we appreciate that it’s adding a USB-C to mini-jack adapter in the box.
Performance: A powerful and very smooth tabletThe Lenovo Tab Extreme performs very well in benchmark tests.  From the point of view of its overall performance, it is very slightly above the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8, but below the iPad Pro 12.9 inches 2022 (6th generation).The manufacturer has chosen to base the operation of its device on a MediaTek MT8798 processor clocked at 3.05 GHz, a high-end octa-core CPU from 2021, supported by 12 GB of RAM memory. Concerning the GPU part, we observe the presence of a very good quality graphics chip: the Mali-G710 MC10.
For daily and basic use, the tablet is very fluid and we do not experience any slowdown. This observation is valid in the context of browsing through Android interfaces as well as consuming content on third-party applications such as Netflix , Spotify , Mozilla Firefox , etc. To test the device for more hardware-intensive use, we chose to launch the game Diablo Immortal . By pushing the graphics settings to the maximum, the experience remained perfectly fluid and no stutter was felt.

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