AI: Bard will become Gemini and benefit from its own application

Google’s chatbots are apparently getting a makeover in 2024. Names, apps, premium versions… we’ll tell you everything about what’s next for Bard.In the field of AI, ChatGPT and Bader continue to compete. With all the new features coming out in terms of OpenAI chatbots, Google is interested in developing its product quickly so as not to fall behind. If we believe this new leak, we are obliged to quickly deliver something new that the American company seems to have understood well.Bard becomes GeminiBud soon stopped being Bud. This is what a leaked document from X (formerly Twitter) shows, announcing that the update will be released on February 7th. We learned that Google’s chatbot will be renamed its Gemini language model.

This isn’t the only news we’ve received. In fact, like ChatGPT Plus, a more powerful version, Gemini Advanced, will also be launched. This will benefit from Gemini’s Ultra 1.0 version, which will make it “more capable of performing very complex tasks such as coding, logical reasoning, following nuanced instructions and creative collaboration. »Application in pipelineThe price of this service is currently unknown. It will be optimized for English-language communication first, while being deployed in nearly 150 countries around the world.

It’s enough to please any serious AI, user, even if Google’s announcement doesn’t stop there.In fact, as we told you in the title, Google is using this update to communicate on future Android and iOS apps for Bard/Gemini.

It will be available in English, Japanese and Korean first, with other languages ​​to follow. The only faltered is that most countries in the Old World will be excluded from this launch, as the app is not available for the European Economic Area countries to which the UK, Switzerland and France are a part.

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