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Don’t be fooled, it’s not the Magic Mouse that has Apple Magic Mouse battery issues . This ignorant little rodent couldn’t be healthier, especially with all the updates installed. The wireless Apple keyboard’s battery is draining.

However, the problem appears to stem from interference caused by multi-touch peripherals.

TUAW pointed out to a group of Apple Discussions users that they are very disappointed with the battery life of their Bluetooth keyboards and that their Apple batteries have started to drain since they started using the Magic Mouse battery. “Despite switching to a rechargeable battery and running all relevant updates, the problem persists,” Apple’s unofficial blog outlines, adding that most posters claim to replace Apple keyboard batteries every week.

One in the discussion, cbcirrus, chimed in with some interesting details. He claimed to have spoken to Apple technicians, who allegedly told him a participant firmware fix for the issue was in the works. Apparently, the cause of these problems has been found – interference – and it was only a matter of time for Apple engineers to isolate the problem.

“Apple Technical Support offers three replacement aluminum keyboards (unfortunately, one DOA, all three are triple-battery versions). All replacement keyboards suffer from low

 apple keyboard battery life,” cbcirrus began the post. “They are now claiming it is a Bluetooth driver issue and engineers are working on a solution, presumably a new driver or patch. One technician stated that engineers believe the Magic Mouse Bluetooth is interfering with keyboard Bluetooth communications and/or sleep mode. No Estimating time frame for resolution, only recommending using a rechargeable

 Apple mouse battery until the issue is resolved.”

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