6 Best Handheld Barcode Scanners in 2023

If you own a business or warehouse, you know the importance of barcode scanners. Whether you’re checking and replenishing inventory or scanning products to verify their prices, barcodes can help keep your business organized., you also need the best handheld barcode scanner to track your inventory. A simple scan tells you product details such as price, serial number. Number of inventory units, etc. While most barcode scanners are generic, we’ve scoured the internet and found some cool barcode scanners that can make your job easier. From portable barcode scanners that fit on your finger to iPad attachments, here are the best laser barcode scanners you can buy. But before that——

1.WONENICE USB barcode scannerOne of the biggest advantages of the WoneNice barcode scanner is that it is designed like a tank. So despite the affordable price, the brand doesn’t compromise on build quality. According to reviews, it’s also very reliable at scanning barcodes. Some users mentioned that it is fast and rarely misses a scan.However, the WoneNice barcode scanner also has some disadvantages. First, it is a 1D scanner, so it cannot scan QR codes or other 2D barcodes. Second, it cannot scan barcodes from the digital screen as requested by the user. Finally, it’s only Compatible with computers, not smartphones or tablets.If you can accept these shortcomings and are looking for a cheap barcode reader, you can go for one from WoneNice.

2. NETUMSCAN handheld one-dimensional barcode scannerWhile that’s all well and good, the NetumScan handheld scanner is still a one-dimensional barcode reader. On the plus side, it can scan dirty or damaged barcodes, which is a big plus. Another improvement over the WoneNice barcode scanner is that the box includes a stand for the scanner.Therefore, users mentioned that the NetumScan handheld barcode scanner is perfect for supermarkets. It’s fast, has a fairly long cable, and is durable. If anything, it’s too bad that you can’t use it with smartphones and tablets or scan QR codes.

3. NADAMOO Wireless Handheld Barcode ReaderIn case you were wondering, wireless transmission can take place outdoors at a distance of up to 400 meters. When indoors, the range is reduced to 100 meters. Battery-wise, the 2,600mAh battery can last up to 30 days on a single charge , with an average of 2,000 scans per day.Unfortunately, the Nadamoo Wireless Handheld Barcode Scanner cannot scan barcodes on the screen. Since it’s a 1D scanner, you can’t scan QR codes either. On the plus side, Nadamoo offers a cool many-to-one mode for wireless scanners.At this point, assume you have multiple employees scanning barcodes throughout your warehouse. Well, you can connect all Nadamoo wireless barcode readers to one receiver. If this suits your use case, the Nadamoo barcode scanner is a great wireless option.

4.EYOYO Mini Bluetooth Barcode ScannerLooking for a portable barcode scanner? Eyoyo has you covered. If you scan inventory from one warehouse to another, then buying the Eyoyo Mini makes a lot of sense. This isn’t purely based on form factor. In addition to its small footprint, the Eyoyo Mini is compatible with a wide range of devices.While all the previously mentioned options only work with computers, the Eyoyo Mini can also connect to Android and iOS smartphones. This is thanks to the onboard Bluetooth functionality. There’s also a wireless adapter included in the box if you want to use it with a desktop computer.However, the small form factor also has some drawbacks. It is a 1D scanner, so it cannot scan QR codes. The onboard Barcode Scanners Battery is also relatively small, only lasting about 5 hours on a charge when using Bluetooth.However, users say the Eyoyo Mini is a great choice for a small barcode reader that can be taken anywhere.

5. EYOYO 2D barcode reader for tablets and smartphonesOnce the Eyoyo scanner is installed on a device with a screen, it connects to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. There are two main advantages to doing this. First, there are no wires or cables involved, so you’ll enjoy a seamless workflow Secondly, you don’t need to carry two devices with you as the scanned details are displayed directly on the connected device.Due to its large form factor, this scanner has a respectable battery life of nearly 30 hours. If you only scan around 5,000 barcodes per day, the brand claims the scanner can last up to 30 days.As users mentioned, another advantage of the Eyoyo barcode reader for smartphones and tablets is that it is a 2D scanner. So you can scan modern QR codes as well as traditional barcodes. This is the only barcode scanner on this list with this feature, so if it’s important to you, add the device to your cart.

6.EYOYO Wearable Bluetooth Ring Barcode ScannerUse traditional barcode readingr to scan codes requires one hand to be occupied all the time. This can reduce your productivity or may not allow you to scan as many products as you may want. The Eyoyo wearable Bluetooth ring solves this issue by putting a barcode reader on your finger .This way, both your hands are free all the time. Grab as many boxes as you wish, point your finger at them, and scan the onboard barcode seamlessly. Since the product uses Bluetooth, you can connect the ring to a smartphone or a computer to view the details of the scan wirelessly.

As per reviews, the Eyoyo wearable barcode scanner makes scanning barcodes extremely convenient, especially if you have to scan a lot of items in a day. While it is expensive and comes with its own set of quirks like 1D-scanning only, it might be worth it if you have a large business and want to improve your workers’ productivity.

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