OnePlus Suddenly Reveals Unique Screen And Unprecedented Battery For OnePlus 12R

Global mobile technology company OnePlus is about to launch two phones: the OnePlus 12 and the OnePlus 12R, and now we know details about two key features of the 12R: a massive battery and unique screen technology. The company hosted a launch event on January 23 , 2024 titled “Incredibly Smooth.”

The OnePlus 12 R will be the first R-series phone sold outside of China and India. Historically, the R’s predecessors, the OnePlus 10R and OnePlus 11R, have been described as more affordable performance flagships.Even though the OnePlus 12R is priced lower than the OnePlus 12, there are elements about it that suggest it’s definitely not a budget phone. In the company’s latest release, it was revealed that the OnePlus phone’s battery will be the largest among OnePlus phones and that the display offers a unique set of features.The display is termed cutting-edge as it features advanced LTPO technology that automatically switches refresh rates to maximizeOnePlus 12R batterylife.

The OnePlus 11 features LTPO 3.0, while the OnePlus 12 R will uniquely use the fourth-generation version of the technology.It will allow for faster refresh rate changes, including 90Hz and 72Hz rates, which should allow for better performance with reduced battery drain.

Presumably that’s why the campaign mentions “smooth” in its title, so whether you’re still viewing images, movies, or games, the content always looks its best. Forbes Daily: Get our best stories, exclusive reporting, and essential analysis Get the day’s news delivered to your inbox every weekday. The  a OnePlus phone batterycapacity is 5,500mAh, the largest in a OnePlus phone . company says this makes it ideal for widespread gaming. It also uses the Supervooc fast charging feature common on OnePlus phones, so it should charge quickly when the OnePlus phone’s battery finally dies. The company claims there’s also technology called the OnePlus Phone Battery Health Engine , which can help batteries stay in top condition longer than competitors.

More details will be revealed at the launch event. Last week, OnePlus launched The design of OnePlus 12R has been launched in two colors: cool blue and iron gray. The first one is glossy and the second is matte. Recently, OnePlus has launched the design of OnePlus 12R and launched colors two: cool blue and iron grey.

There are two colors, the first one is glossy and the second one is matte.As with the OnePlus 12, the alert slider, which is popular among OnePlus enthusiasts, will also appear in a new location on the left edge instead of the right. OnePlus will no doubt reveal more information in the coming weeks, ahead of the full reveal on Tuesday, January 23.

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