‘40%’ Worse: New Google Update Is Killing Battery Life For Pixel Owners

Google’s latest feature-dropping update caused connectivity and battery drain issues on Google phones for some users after it rolled out earlier this month. The quarterly update fixed known issues and added new features, but it reduced battery life on Google phones and caused overheating for some Pixel users, who complained to Reddit.
Some users have commented that they now need to charge their phones twice a day, with one user noting that their Pixel 7 Pro battery life is 40% faster when their phone is idle than before the update. Another user said “overheating and random shutdowns now seem to be common” on their Pixel 7 Pro after the update.
Other users are also complaining about the new connection issues, with their phones struggling to maintain a consistent cellular connection, forcing them to reboot or switch to airplane mode. There were other complaints, including poor overall performance of the Pixel 4a 5G, issues with Bluetooth connectivity, and features like selecting text not working properly. The issues appear to affect a wide range of devices, but the main issues are excessive battery drain and inconsistent network connectivity. The update was released on June 13 and brings new features such as video macro focus mode, cinematic wallpapers, and hands-free selfie mode. It also includes battery usage, thermal performance and charging improvements. The Pixel 7battery, Pixel 7 Probattery, and Pixel 7a battery also received battery performance updates when using the selfie camera and certain apps , although which apps were not explicitly mentioned in the announcement.
On the connectivity front, the update fixes an issue with Pixel 7 series eSIMs failing to activate and includes extensive improvements to network connection stability. It’s unclear whether these specific fixes and tweaks caused problems for users experiencing issues. I reached out to Google for answers to questions about these reports and will update this story if I hear back. This is the second time this year that Pixel owners have encountered

Pixel battery life issues in recent months. In May, an update to the Google app, which the company called a ” backend” ” change,” cut battery life in half for Pixel 6 Battery and Pixel 7 Battery owners. Some devices are also experiencing overheating.

Forbes Daily: Get our best stories, exclusive reporting, and essential analysis of the day’s news in your inbox every Sunday. Google responded quickly, releasing an update to the app that seemed to resolve the overconsumption and overheating issues for most users. We’ll have to see if another fix emerges, although with two separate issues affecting Pixel users, the fix likely won’t be that simple.

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