Samsung to use LG batteries in Galaxy A and M smartphones

Samsung plans to use LG smartphone batteries produced by LG Energy Solution in its Galaxy A and M series smartphones, TheElec has learned.
The South Korean tech giant has been using Korean-made smartphone batteries since 2019.
It used them on the now-discontinued Galaxy Note series and currently uses them on its flagship Galaxy S series as well as the Galaxy Z series of foldable phones.
But so far, it hasn’t used them in the mid-range Galaxy A and M series.

Samsung mainly uses produced

Samsung  smartphone  batteriesby Amperex Technology Limited (ATL) and China’s BYD, as well as ATL and Japan’s TDK joint venture.
However, sources said Samsung needs to add more suppliers to establish a stable supply chain due to the Covid-19 pandemic and China’s lockdown measures.
Adding LG Energy Solution as a supplier will also intensify competition among battery suppliers, driving down unit prices, they added.
Meanwhile, ITM Semiconductor handles the packaging of batteries used in the Galaxy A and M series for Samsung.

LG Energy Solution will likely continue to do so with cells produced in Nanjing, which will be delivered to ITM Semiconductor’s factory in Vietnam, where Samsung has its largest smartphone factory.
The addition of LG Energy Solutions to Samsung’s mid-range mobile phone supply chain may also force Samsung SDI to lower its unit price.
As a subsidiary of Samsung, Samsung SDI is usually responsible for processing the first batch of  Samsung batteriesused in Samsung devices.

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