Who Has The Best Battery? Google, Samsung, And Apple’s Smartwatch Showdown

If you’re a fan of smartwatches, you know they bring a lot of utility to your wrist and help you use your phone less . Quick tasks like launching apps, summoning the Assistant, and checking notifications just got easier additionally., you can add complications to your watch to make information clear at a glance. But all this utility comes at a price:smartwatches battery life. Watches like the Withings Scanwatch and Garmin Venu 3 can do some of the things other smartwatches do, and they also have some of the longest battery life in the industry.

But in terms of functionality, they can’t compete with those we tested (the Apple Watch Series 9, Samsung Watch 6, and Pixel Watch 2).We’ve reviewed two of these three watches independently (and reviewed the Watch 6 Classic, not the Watch 6), but we wanted to see how they stack up against each other in the most important aspects of a smartwatch. Computing power and at- a-glance information are great, but maybe not so great if you can’t get through a day or a weekend without a charger.Of course, if you have an iPhone, you won’t want to use a WearOS watch, and if you have an Android phone, you can’t use an Apple Watch.

However, we still think it’s important to understand where these watches sit relative to each other.There are a few variables we have to balance to get these watches to perform as expected. We have five complications for each watch, although complications vary from watch to watch. Complicating factors are usually weather, watch battery, activity/step count, calendar, and date/date. There are some differences based on the options available on a given watch.

For each charge cycle, we started by removing the watch from the charger and leaving the watch on until the charge dropped below 15%, which is typically when the watch warns you that the battery is low and usually recommends that you turn on some kind of power . Low power mode. We never turned on Low Power Mode, but in most cases we let the watch battery run a little longer, usually until it dropped below 10%.We averaged how long it stayed running after at least seven charge cycles.

For the record, both the Apple Watch Series 9 (45mm) and Pixel Watch 2 come with a 306mAh Apple Watch Series 9 battery, while the Samsung Watch 6 (44mm) comes with a 425mAhSamsung Watch 6 battery.Google, Samsung, Apple: ResultsConsidering the battery size, it’s no surprise that the Samsung Watch 6 comes out on top, but what’s surprising is how close the two are.

The Samsung’s average uptime was 33 hours and 58 minutes, while the Apple Watch’s average uptime was 33 hours and 5 minutes, less than an hour less than the Apple Watch.

That’s not a big deal considering the Apple Watch Series 9’s battery is nearly 30 percent smaller than the Samsung Watch 6’s.Frankly, it’s embarrassing that the Pixel Watch 2 only lasted 4 minutes of a full day (24 hours and 4 minutes), and it only comes in a single size – 41mm. Hopefully next year Google will offer a larger watch so it can compete better on the Pixel Watch 2 battery front.Still, it was nice that our two competitors were able to hold on for almost a day and a half. Samsung should probably work harder at optimizingSamsung Watch batterylife to be able to take advantage of a battery with 28% more capacity. But until then, it’s fair to say that the watch battery life on both operating systems is comparable, which isn’t a bad situation.

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