How to limit battery charge to 80% on Windows 11

Keeping the battery at 100% all the time will shorten its lifespan, but many Windows 11 laptops can limit the maximum laptop battery charge to 80%. You probably already know this, but batteries tend to wear out over time. As you use them and charge them, thelaptop batterieslose their original designed capacity. Well, you might think that keeping your laptop fully charged at all times is a good thing, but you’d be wrong.

Your laptop battery will also wear out faster if you keep it fully charged. Thankfully, PC manufacturers offer a feature that allows you to limit your laptop’s battery power to 80% (and sometimes even less), so if you’re using your laptop plugged in most of the time, then You can extend the life of your laptop by keeping it charged. below this threshold.

Unfortunately, this feature isn’t yet available in Windows 11 itself, but most manufacturers offer some version of it. We’ve compiled instructions on how to enable this feature on all major laptop brands, so you don’t need to look any further .

How to limit HP laptop battery power

HP has two ways to limit laptop battery power: the Adaptive Battery Optimizer and the Battery Care feature. Both can be found in the BIOS and are mutually exclusive. The Adaptive Battery Optimizer automatically adjusts battery charging behavior based on your usage patterns, while the Battery Care feature gives you more hard limits. Keep in mind that your BIOS may look different, but the general functionality is usually similar. Additionally, the AdaptiveHP Laptop BatteryOptimizer is usually enabled by default.

Open the Start menu.Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard, click the power button, and then click Restart.Click Troubleshooting and then click Advanced Options.Screenshot of Windows recovery environment with Troubleshooting option highlightedSelect UEFI firmware settings to access the BIOS.Screenshot of advanced options in Windows recovery environment using UEFI firmware settings highlighted

Navigate to the Configuration tab (on some laptops, you may need to select BIOS Setup first).Option 1: Select Adaptive Battery Optimizer and set it to enabled.Option 2: Select the battery care feature and set it to 80%.HP Omen Laptop BIOS Highlighted with Adaptive

  HP Omen Laptop Battery Optimizer OptionHow to Limit Lenovo Laptop Battery PowerLenovo laptops make it easier to set battery charge limits by using the Lenovo Vantage app within Windows. You can also set the cost limit to a different value.

Open the Lenovo Vantage app (you can install it from the Microsoft Store).Screenshot of Windows Search showing results for Lenovo VantageCleck equipment, then power.Screenshot of Lenovo Vantage with power options highlighted in the menu)Scroll down to the Battery Settings section.At the battery charge threshold, set stop charging to 80%.Screenshot of HP laptop battery settings in Lenovo
Note that the Lenovo Vantage logo and apps may look different depending on your laptop model.

How to Limit Dell Laptop Battery Power

Dell laptops also use Windows software to manage battery charge limits through the Dell Power Manager application. It works similarly to Lenovo’s solution:
Open Dell Power Manager (you may need to install it from the Microsoft Store).On the HP Notebook Battery Information tab, click Settings.Dell power manager

Click “Mainly use AC” to automatically limit the maximum power.Alternatively, click Customize and set the Stop Charging field to 80%.Laptop Battery Dell Settings 1
Click OK.Dell Power Manager Battery Settings
How to limit battery power on Surface laptops (and tablets)Microsoft lets you limit

Microsoft Surface laptop batterycharging using the Surface app on its devices. It’s usually enabled by default, but here’s how to make sure:
Launch the Surface app. You can install it from the Microsoft store.Surface apps in searchCheck what the Smart Charging field currently says.Surface app smart chargingOn some devices, Smart Charging may be always on but not display this indicator.
If not, click the field to expand it.Enable smart charging with the click of a button.Smart Charging will limit the maximum  Microsoft battery charge to 80% in most cases, but if you regularly drain your battery below 20%, Smart Charging will pause.

Alternatively, most Surface devices also have an option in the BIOS settings called “Enable Battery Restricted Mode.” This limits the battery to only 50% charge, which is not ideal as it takes a while to recharge.
How to Limit Asus Laptop Battery PowerAsus laptops come with the MyAsus app, which also provides a way to limit  Asus laptops batterypower. Here’s how it works:
Launch the Myasus app (you can download it from the Microsoft Store).Screenshot of Windows Search showing search results for MyasusClick Customize on the left menu.Screenshot of the MyAsus homepage with the “Customize” option highlig in left menuSet the battery health charging option to Balanced Mode, limiting it to 80%. You can limit it to 60% using max life mode.

Screenshot of the MyAsus customization page with the Battery Health Charging feature set to BalancedHow to Limit Acer Laptop Battery Power on Acer LaptopsAcer also has the Acer Care Center on its laptops, which offers similar functionality. How to use it:
Launch Acer Care Center (may only be labeled Care Center). You can download the app from Acer’s support site.Acer Care Center in Windows 11
Click “Inspect” (yellow area).Acer Care Center
Click the right arrow next to the battery health area.Acer Care Center Check 1
Switch your Acer laptop battery charge limit to ON.Acer Care Center Inspection
Click OK to confirm your selection.How to LimitMSI Laptop BatteryPowerMSI laptops let you limit battery power through the Dragon Center app. That’s it:
Launch the Dragon Center application. You can download it from MSI’s website.Click on the toolbox icon and select Battery Master.
Set the battery health option to Balanced. You can also set this option to “Best Battery” to limit charging to 60%.MSI Dragon Center Battery Master

How to limit battery power on your LG laptop

LG bundles the laptop with the LG Smart Assistant app, which also lets you limit battery charging to 80%:

Launch the LG Smart Assistant app.If you deleted the app, you can download LG Update from the company’s support website and then use LG Update to install Smart Assistant.Screen display of Windows search results, with LG Smart Assistant as the top resultClick the power settings icon on the left (looks like a battery).Screenshot of LG Smart Assistant homepageToggle Extended Battery Life to ON.Screenshot of LG Smart Assistant Power settings page with ExtendLG laptop batterylife option open and highlighted
Battery warnings for other laptops

Since the above solutions are unique to each laptop manufacturer, your laptop may not be listed here. However, if you want to prevent the battery from going above and beyond, there are apps that will warn you when you reach 80% battery or any other level so you can unplug your laptop. They don’t limit charging capabilities by themselves, but they can be useful if you want to at least be more aware of how your laptop battery is being used. A good option is a battery limiter.

Screenshot of battery limiter UI with charge limit set to 90%Once you’ve installed the app, simply drag the slider to set the maximum battery level so you’ll hear an alert when that number is reached.
Keep your battery healthyHopefully, in the near future, Windows 11 will add a similar feature that will be available on all laptops so you don’t have to navigate through all the different settings. Regardless, all of these methods work and cover most laptop brands you can find , so no matter what your laptop is, you can help extend the life of yourlaptop battery by preserving its battery capacity. Great laptops do more than ever, but they also cost a lot of money, so it’s important to make sure they last as long as possible.

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