Review: The vivo V30 may be all that you need to capture photos and work like a pro

You know a smartphone is good when it does what each gadget actually does: enhance your functionality while avoiding any hassles. That’s what the latest additions to vivo’s flagship V series (V30 and V30 Pro) attempt to achieve by upgrading features and specs in the way you work, play and create.

Fortunately, the team was able to conduct a hands-on review of the vivo V30 Pro and got some interesting results. Check out some of the features reviewers thought stood out:The vivo V30 Pro comes in a fairly large box, partly because of the size of the phone, but also because you get a clear silicone bumper case for the device, as well as a thick protective case, for free. -Insulated USB charging cable , and a bulky charging brick (again, for a reason). The phone still comes with its own ejection pin, allowing you to insert two SIM cards (dual SIM, for a win).

But sadly, it no longer comes with USB- C headphones, nor does it come with an adapter for 3.5mm headphones/headphones.  quirerdotnet on Facebook One reviewer was able to hold the device comfortably with one hand, but that might be a struggle for anyone with smaller fingers – in order to get the best view from any angle It’s a small price to pay for a wide screen that can display impressive graphics – a 6.78-inch display so you can go to town and binge-watch.via GIPHYThe vivo V30 Pro is also “business in the front, party in the back” – it’s rare that we see a device designed in a way that makes it stand out from other products currently on the market. While black and green bring a classic look , blue—especially white—brings an artsy vibe to the unit. We got the white version of vivo V30 Pro, which has a pure petal-like pattern on the back, which adds to its “interestingness”. 

Quigerdotnet on Facebook The perfect picture camera with tons of featuresContinuing the iconic concept of the V series of “Portrait Master” smartphones, vivo has partnered with global imaging leader Zeiss to power the V30 series of cameras to provide high-quality photography and videography. The V30 Pro is all certified to Zeiss optical standards, and its triple main camera setup (including a True Color main camera, an autofocus ultra-wide-angle camera, and a professional portrait camera) really delivers stunningly clear and vivid photos with a resolution of 50MP.The main camera of the V30 Pro is equipped with vivo Camera Bionic Spectrum (VCS) technology, which improves the amount of light and color accuracy, ensuring image clarity even when taking pictures at night or in low-light environments. Very convenient for people staying at night.

Meanwhile, its ultra-wide-angle camera makes the V30 Pro the perfect phone for group selfies, thanks to its 119° field of view, which lets you easily fit up to 30 faces into a single photo (trust us, there’s a use for that ) A group selfie of this level). With a 50mm focal length, its professional portrait camera delivers realistic, vivid details in every portrait, even when using 2x zoom.But what makes the V30 Pro’s camera system truly lead the photography scene is its newly upgraded Aura Light Portrait 3.0 technology, which makes any photo look like it was taken under professional lighting settings. With this breakthrough feature, V30 Pro can set softer lighting, tailor brightness based on the real-time distance of close-ups, and adjust color harmony between subject and landscape in each photo.It’s safe to say that the vivo V30 Pro packs a lot of firepower: it’s capable of simplifying your tasks thanks to the efficient MediaTek Dimensity 8200 chipset that runs the V30 Pro system.

With its premium Arm Mali-G610 graphics processing unit, its powerful 3.1 GHz core enables higher processing speeds without compromising smooth visual experience and energy efficiency.Speaking of energy efficiency, V30 Pro comes with a powerful 5000 mAh vivo V30 Pro batterythat maintains optimal health and performance for up to four years. Its fast 80W FlashCharge feature can also fully charge the device.It becomes a smartphone in just 48 minutes, made possible of course by the charging brick that comes with the phone.To help extend its long-lasting seamless performance, the V30 Pro also features an extra-large smart cooling system made from efficient heat-dissipation materials and a built-in temperature sensor to prevent your phone from overheating while performing heavy tasks or while you’

reworking. Use it in extreme weather conditions, which can be really helpful when you think about it.Perfect performance at a fair price pointAs a mid-range smartphone, reviewers believe that the V30 smartphone is priced just right, with the V30 Pro (12+512GB) version priced at 34,999 pesos, the V30 (12+512GB) version priced at 27,999 pesos, and the V30 priced at 24,999 pesos. (12+256GB) version. If you’re looking for a great camera phone that offers both efficient performance and long vivo V30 Pro smartphonebattery life with the vivo V30 Pro, the V30 series definitely offers excellent bang for the buck at their respective price points.

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