Review: Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II

Sometimes, all you need is a camera. Sometimes, even if you have a nice DSLR camera, you don’t want to have to worry about carrying a lens and a bunch of stuff. This is where a portable, capable point-and- shoot camera really comes in handy, and I rank the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II as one of the best cameras out there.Even if you’re not a camera geek like me, it’s easy to see why this versatile portable camera is worth the $700 price tag. While you don’t get cutting-edge features like 4K video, Canon has packed this camera with features that I think will be really important for more people. zoom zoomThere are two main differences between this camera and the one in a fancy iPhone or Android phone.

The first is sensor size. The iPhoneSmartphone cameras can be stunning, but a real camera like this could use most of its size to cram in a larger sensor. The 20-megapixel, 1-inch sensor inside this PowerShot is far more than small smartphone sensors can manage, gathering light and taking crisp photos long after your phone has given up.The second thing that the Canon G7 X Mark II brings to the table is ample zoom power. The G7X Mark II features Canon’s 4.2x optical zoom, giving you a variety of shooting options. While you can get a lot more from one of Sony’s similar RX100 models (the RX100 Mark VI has a staggering 8.3x lens, for example), Canon offers a good enough value for money.Overall, I’m impressed with the image quality of this camera, even if its optics clearly sacrifice some low-light versatility for a little extra zoom. The photos I took with it came out great, with good sharpness and pleasing colors, just like I’d expect from a Canon camera. The 20-megapixel image size should also allow for easy cropping, so you can recompose the shot to your liking after shooting.Modern facilitiesJust because you have a camera that looks a little dated, doesn’t mean Canon is holding on to outdated features. This Canon has Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing you to quickly transfer photos from the camera to your phone for posting to social media. Your phone can also double as a remote control, making it easier to take group photos with everyone in the frame.The PowerShot G7 X Mark II also has some great design advantages that make it easier to operate than many other cameras. The tilting rear LCD is touch-enabled and swings up so you can see yourself when taking selfies.

I find its apparent grip nice, as some of Canon’s older point-and-shoot cameras have bare metal or sad rubber strips where your fingers fall.There are also some nice bonus controls for advanced shooters. The ring around the front lens doubles as a handy dial, and you can choose whether it has thick detents or smooth turning. There’s also a physical exposure compensation wheel on top of the camera, stacked beneath the knurled mode dial. So, there really is something for everyone here. If I had to make any improvement on this camera it would be the Camera Battery Canonlife. Even for soldiers on the battlefield, tiny batteries can only last so long. According to industry standard testing, this Canon camera can capture approximately 265 photos on a single charge. Translation: If you plan on keeping your screen on for an extended period of time, or plan on using the flash a lot, you may find yourself looking for a power outlet, or at least a USB cord. Competing cameras can last much longer, and it’ll be interesting to see if Canon can sustain at least 300 shots in future versions.

At least the G7 X Mark II’s meager
Canon PowerShot G7 Mark II  batteryis only $43, so you can probably afford a spare. There have been a number of similar cameras on the market over the past few years, but the PowerShot G7X Mark II is the obvious choice. In my opinion, this Canon camera is more attractive for shooting than Sony’s RX100 series, with easier-to-navigate controls and menus.That’s why I chose it as our favorite point-and-shoot camera. It may not be the coolest or sexiest compact camera you can buy, but it’s well-rounded and offers plenty of features for the average camera buyer. Even if you’re a photography pro looking for a camera that’s flexible and portable, you can’t go wrong – the G7 X Mark II handles like a bigger camera, with advanced controls and features you won’t regret buying DSLRs stay at home.

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