The Honor Magic V2 battery life test is ready

We have tested the Honor Magic V2 and the battery life cycle is complete. This foldable flagship product uses the new silicon carbonHonor Magic V2 batterywith a capacity of 5000mAh. weighing in at 231 grams.

This is the power supply aspect. Next we look at the power aspect consumption. The phone is powered by a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 – a mid-2023 design, which is probably where it’s most obvious additionally, there are a pair of LTPO OLED displays – a 6.43-inch (1,060 x 2,376 pixels) cover display and a 7.92-inch (2,156 x 2,344 pixels) folding display.

Let’s focus on the large folding display, since that’s where most of the action takes place. The Magic V2 beats its foldable rivals in terms of capacity, but the efficiency leaves a lot to be desired. Gaming is one area where this phone stands out, but even there it’s only on par with the Galaxy Z Fold.

In other categories too, the V2 loses out by a sizable margin. As a result, the Magic V2’s active use score was less than encouraging, falling between an hour and an hour and a half less than its main rivals. Moving to the cover display , of course, the talk time is the same as when we tested it with the screen off. Web and video scores increased by 36% and 37% respectively, and game time increased by 19%.

In this case, the Magic V2 sits between the Galaxy Z Fold5 and the OnePlus Open, which is a win considering it has the largest external screen of the three so far. Still, the active use score of 13:29 is still a bit behind traditional candy bar phones. In Europe, the Honor Magic V2 is available in a single configuration: 16/512GB for €2,000/£1,700. There is also the Honor Magic V2 RSR in partnership with Porsche Design. Our offices have one ready ahead of the official launch in Europe at Mobile World Congress (MWC) later this month. This one has the same Honor Magic V2 battery and other key components are the same, so we expect the same  Honor   Smartphone Battery life on the RSR. 

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