Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids vs. Fire 7 Kids: Which tablet for your kid?

Amazon does a great job of constantly updating its line of Fire tablets and kids’ tablets, and when looking at the Fire HD 8 Kids vs. 7 Kids , these updates are very welcome. These tablets offer a relatively low-cost tablet option that kids will love and parents can feel confident giving them. The parental controls on Fire Kids tablets are the best of all technology, and the children’s content is well-curated enough for kids of all ages. On paper, though, there’s only a 1-inch difference between the Fire HD 8 Kids and 7 Kids, so which one should you choose?

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids vs. Fire 7 Kids: Size isn’t the only difference The Fire HD 8 Kids sits in the middle of Amazon’s Fire kids’ tablet lineup, but its features top the list. While it doesn’t have the same screen size or resolution as the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro behemoth, the smaller tablet does have the same raw features. While the 7-inch model doesn’t have as impressive specs, it still has the same great parental controls and children’s content as Its more expensive counterpart.

Another part of the Fire HD 8 Kids’ improved entertainment experience compared to the smaller 7-inch option is the speakers. On the larger tablet, you get dual speakers with Dolby Atmos support. This means it will be easier to listen to content played on your tablet. Don’t worry, parents; there’s also a headphone jack.
When we look under the surface, the increased RAM and built-in storage of the 8-inch model means a faster processor that can handle programs for your kids without any issues. The tablet will provide a smoother experience, which is crucial so your child doesn’t get frustrated because they did something wrong. The increased internal specs also mean the tablet will be able to meet your child’s needs as they grow. This allows them to continue using the tablet longer, saving money. I have a 7-year -old and used the Fire HD 8 Kids two years ago, and while it still performs well in most situations, its lower specs are starting to show some age in the speed category. He’s now using an Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Pro, which matches the standard model in every way except for having a more mature interface and a different casing. You can check out our Amazon Fire Kids tablet guide to see the differences between the regular and Pro models. While the Amazon Fire 7 battery

 doesn’t have the best specs, it still has some of the best software — which is shared with all Amazon Kids tablets and performed well in our review. With extensive parental controls, you can control what content your children can access, when and for how long.

Amazon’s Kids+ is where your kids can access more than 20,000 books, movies, TV shows, apps, and games curated just for kids, free for the first year. Parental controls allow you to set the age range of content your children can see from this library.

In addition to great software, Amazon also helps secure the hardware. Each kids tablet comes with a fun, colorful foam rubber case and stand to make it easier to hold the tablet and keep it safe. However, if the tablet gets damaged, it comes with a two-year “worry-free” warranty that will see Amazon replace the device for free if something goes wrong.
Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids vs. Fire 7 Kids: Which One Should You Buy?
Each tablet comes packed with enough great content that your kids will probably love any one of them, making them two of the best Android tablets for kids. My son is excited to have a tablet of his own. That being said, if you can afford the extra cost of the Fire HD 8 Kids, it’s worth it. Judging from the improved display, better internal hardware, not to 5 hours more

  Amazon Fire HD 8 battery life mention than the 7-inch model, the larger tablet is the way to Go.

Since it has improved hardware over its smaller sibling, the 8-inch option will be a more durable device than the 8-inch version.e Fire 7 Kids. However, if you are looking for a tablet that you can start your child off with , and the price is a primary consideration, the 7-inch version will still get the job done. Since each tablet offers the same excellent software experience, the content and parental controls are still there.

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