Darfon Energy Technology opens new EU battery factory

Darfon Energy Technologies (DET), an independent subsidiary of Darfon Group specializing in high-quality battery and charger solutions, marks the beginning of a new chapter with the opening of its EU battery factory in the Czech Republic. New EU Battery Factory

In response to the rapidly growing demand for e-bikes, Darfon Energy Technologies has officially opened its new e-bike battery factory in Cvrcovice. The factory is 30 km from Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic.

The new factory’s production facilities include an automated production line for e-bike batteries and cover an area of ​​​​17,600 square meters. The new automated factory is scheduled to start trial operation of the new production line in June 2023. The new factory’s production capacity has been optimized to produce up to 300,000 units per year starting in 2024. Customers are expected to benefit from the factory expansion with greater flexibility and shorter logistics delivery times.Global ODM and OEM Services

Darfon Energy Technologies (DET), a newly established independent subsidiary of Darfon Group, has been officially operational since July 2022, inheriting 25 years of ODM and OEM experience. In order to provide customers with good global services and logistics to quickly meet regional market needs , Darfon Energy Technology has production facilities in multiple countries. The main production of e-bike batteries is located at the headquarters in Taiwan, with additional production facilities and service centers in the Netherlands, Czech Republic, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and China. Expertise in battery and Darfon Laptop AC Adapter ChargerTotal Solution

Darfon Energy Technology focuses on battery technology and battery energy storage total solution, including customized accessories and integrated design. Darfon Energy Technology is committed to providing e-bike batteries for different motor platforms and is also one of the authorized e-bike battery manufacturers for Shimano motor platform.

Darfon Energy Technology is well known for its customization and OEM expertise, taking green energy technology to another level. Darfon Energy also provides solutions in different categories, especially focusing on lithium battery modules for electric bicycles (e-bikes) and light electric vehicles (LEVs). Darfon Energy will also launch a new 4A waterproof e-bike charger, which uses a unique fast charging technology to increase charging efficiency by 20%. Darfon Energy’s global operations enable Darfon Energy to provide global production and after-sales services from convenient time zones.

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