7 best cylinder vacuum cleaners for easy, effective cleaning

Vacuuming is one of those unavoidable household chores, so having a reliable machine that can get the job done quickly is essential. Fortunately, there are vacuums to suit every situation – cylinder, upright, handheld, upright and even robot models – but how do you know which one is right for your home? If you want a lightweight vacuum designed to be used all over the house, then we recommend going for a traditional cylinder vacuum – they tend to have plenty of dust collection capacity and you won’t have to worry about running out of battery while cleaning.

1 Best Cylinder VacuumMiele Boost CX1 Cat & Dog PowerLine Cylinder Vacuum
This bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner received perfect scores in almost all of our performance tests and it vacuumed very well. It hesitated a bit when cleaning around the edges of a room and left a small cloud of dust in some places, but that’s just nitpicking. Testers particularly liked its effective pet tool, which removed hair in one go without noticeable tangling. The variable suction power also gives you excellent control on different surfaces. Thanks to its premium design, it moves smoothly and the dust canister empties easily. Unsurprisingly, this quality costs more than some, but it cleans impeccably, so it’s worth the investment.
2 Runner-up Cylinder VacuumSebo Airbelt E3 Premium ePower 92655GB
This powerful vacuum is a great all-rounder. It picked up nearly all the dust from both long- and low-pile carpets, and on laminate it picked up more than our experts set, leaving little dust on or between floors. Pet owners take note – our testers preferred the ET-1 powerhead, which picked up all the dust in just two sweeps, while the rubber head tended to ball up dust. The integrated hose can reach eight steps, and thanks to the large capacity, it’s effortless to maneuver. Our testers liked that it also has a full-load indicator. Although it’s expensive, this Sebo vacuum is great value for money
3The lightest cylinder vacuum cleaner with the best value for moneyHoover Breeze Pets BR71_BR02
Weighing just over 4.1kg, this lightweight and compact vacuum is perfect if you don’t want something too heavy. It’s just £90, but its low price belies reliable performance; it can remove more than 90% of dust from all carpets.
It might not be a good fit if you have floorboards, though. While it can remove most dust, our tester found quite a bit of dust stuck in the crevices. That said, its cleaning ability on laminate is comparable to the Shark, which removed nearly 98% of dust.
It’s also great for pet owners – it can remove hair in just two sweeps. It excels at cleaning around the edges of a room, and its small size makes it stable on stairs, so you can clean the entire staircase with ease. The dust canister is a bit fiddly, but overall, this is a smart vacuum cleaner at a great price.
4Best Cylinder Vacuum for Carpets
Miele Boost CX1 PowerLine NRF0Of all the models we tested, this stylish Miele vacuum cleaner performed best on carpets, achieving perfect scores on both short and long pile. In fact, on short pile, it picked up more dust than our testers left behind. We found it glided smoothly over hard floors as well, picking up most of the dust from the laminate and floorboards we tried it on. However, its performance was below par when it came to pet hair, with the head rolling the hair into balls rather than sucking it straight up . It was able to pick up most of the dust around the edges of the room, though. And, it can reach 10 steps, proving it handy around the house, with the attachments compactly stored in the body. Plus, it’s easy to clean out the dust canister without making a mess.

5Best for Reaching Out

Hoover H-POWER 300 Pets Corded Bagless Cylinder Vacuum HP320PET
If you need to reach out, then this vacuum cleaner is perfect for you, as its hose can extend up to
4 meters. This means you don’t have to unplug it often, and it’s even good for stairs, cleaning 10 steps in our lab before having to move it. It performs well on hard floors – it gets full marks for dust collection – and is reliable on low-pile carpets. It’s not as good at cleaning high-pile carpets, though. It also takes a few passes with the main head to remove pet hair, but the dedicated turbo brush removes it in just two passes, so if you have hairballs in your home, this is a good choice. Minor issues aside, it’s a good choice that cleans well around the edges of rooms and is easy to use from setup to emptying.

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