Toshiba Portege X20W-D Series: 2-in-1, well-designed, compact

Slim and lightweight, the Portege X20W is a rugged, easily convertible laptop that brings flexibility to your work. After withdrawing from the shrinking consumer PC market in 2016, Toshiba focused all its efforts on manufacturing commercial PCs. If the company’s premium Portege X20W-D is any indication of the company’s direction, that singular focus could pay off. This ultra-portable 2-in-1 costs $999, AU$2,145 or £1,399 in the UK and is available in a variety of pre-built configurations. Or, at least in the US, you can set it up yourself and build a laptop like our review system for $2,099. However, a better option is the similarly configured Signature Edition, available from Microsoft for $1,500.However, no matter which processor, memory, or storage you use, the basic features and components are the same, making it a great

tablet/laptop hybrid even with a few extra features. Although it’s aimed at business users, students may also want to consider it, as it’s slim, weighs 2.4 pounds (1.1 kg), and comes with a Wacom TruPen active stylus. The screen isn’t removable from the keyboard like the Dell Latitude 12 5000 Series 2-in-1 or Microsoft Surface Pro, but it folds away like the Lenovo X1 Yoga. This 2-in-1 style might be a little awkward to use in tablet mode, but that’s not the case thanks to the lightweight and not-too-large 12.5-inch 1,920×1,080 pixel display.The screen is made from Gorilla Glass for durability and has an anti-glare coating that actually works, and coupled with the 350 nits of brightness, you won’t have much trouble viewing this screen outdoors. Of course, you can operate the touchscreen with your fingers, but Toshiba includes his TruPen stylus with 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity. Developed in partnership with Wacom, the industry leader says this pen has little to no lag, and while it may still be too much for professional artists, it’s perfect for sketching and doodling during brainstorming sessions, or for presentations. is. It’s fast enough for things like adding annotations. . margin. The biggest drawback is that there is no place to put your pen.I like the screen and pen, but I don’t really like the keyboard. There’s not a lot of travel due to the shallow body, but the keys are just as soft and everything feels small and cramped.The touchpad is also small, but at least it’s responsive and has excellent palm rejection. Additionally, there is a fingerprint reader embedded in the top left corner for logging in via Windows Hello. (If you want to log in using facial recognition, Toshiba also includes an infrared camera on top of the display next to the 720p webcam.) Do more with less.Like all very compact and thin laptops, the Portege X20W-D has a limited selection of ports. There are actually only two: standard USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 Type-C with Thunderbolt 3. There’s a headphone/mic combo jack, but no direct video output, Ethernet, or SD card slot. Another issue is that the laptop charges via the Type-C port. This means you have to choose between using power or using the ports for other

purposes.Fortunately, Toshiba offers an HDMI to Type-C adapter with an additional Type-C port, so at least you have the option to use both video output and power out of the box. But if you want to go beyond that and use it on your desk in the office, for example, you’ll need to invest in some sort of docking station. Toshiba Portage X20W-D Laptop BatteryOf course, its thinness limits what can be packed inside, so you won’t find a high-performance quad-core processor or discrete graphics card here. But what Toshiba has come up with is very effective. Even with 24 Chrome tabs open and music playing in the background, it was easy to keep going. Even under load, the system is relatively quiet. When I do something demanding, the fan speeds up, but quickly returns to idle. Intel HD Graphics 620 integrated graphics are sufficient for casual gaming, Full HD video playback, and light photo editing.

Toshiba Portege X20W Laptop BatteryAs for longevity, Toshiba rates it at up to 13 hours, but it lasted just over 10 hours in our video streaming test. In my anecdotal testing, it lasted about 8 hours with mixed use, music playing constantly, and display brightness set to 50%. If you keep using it and increase the brightness, you could potentially save an hour or two. Basically, you can get most of your day done before heading to the pro shop.keep moving keep movingThere are many 2-in-1 computers on the market, and most of them have the same internal structure. To compete, Toshiba not only created an affordable model, but also offered the Portege, which offers this feature. safety. Toshiba remains strong when it comes to business laptops, offering rugged2-in-1s suitable for long flights, conference room presentations, and coffee shop brainstorming.

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