How to effectively protect the mobile phone battery? Methods as below

Everyone uses mobile phones every day, and they have found a problem, that is, the battery of the mobile phone is not as durable as the one you just bought. After using a mobile phone for a year, you will find that a whole day is not enough, and some half a day is not enough. why is that?

First of all, you should know that the battery is a consumable item. It ages over time. This is inevitable. However, we can protect it, slow its aging, and make it work better for us.

So let’s take a look at whether your behavior is protecting the battery or damaging the battery?

Do you charge it and fully charge it every time you use it up or charge it when it’s nearly dead. Both of these are a kind of damage to the mobile phone battery! Small-cycle charging should be controlled to protect the battery. Don’t wait until it’s used up to recharge, and don’t fully charge it.

Do you wait for your phone to fully charge, then leave it there to continue charging? If so, you are damaging the battery again, because when our phone battery is charged to 100%, voltage and temperature can damage the phone battery if it is still charging.

Are you charging while gaming, or are you charging while gaming? This is also a kind of damage to the battery. Because this is detrimental to the battery during charging, it will cause the charging and discharging to take place at the same time, resulting in a rapid increase in temperature.

Note: High temperature and high temperature are the natural enemies of batteries!

So what’s the best way to charge your smartphone?

  1. Avoid full cycle (0-100%) and night charging. Instead, charge your phone more often with partial charging.
  2. For the battery, it is better to end charging at 80%, rather than charging to 100%.
  3. Use fast charging technology with caution, and do not stay overnight.
  4. Heat is a battery killer. Do not cover the phone while charging, and keep the phone in a hot place.
  5. Turn off the phone while charging, or at least don’t play games or watch videos to avoid small loops

Then you now know whether your actions are damaging the battery or protecting it! If it’s damage, change your habit, if it’s protection, stick with it!

Thanks for reading, hope it helps!

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